The Wheelmen is a national, non-profit organization that  was established in 1967 for the purpose of keeping alive the heritage of American cycling.  The Wheelmen endeavor to follow closely the organizational structure of The League of American Wheelmen as it existed in the 1880's.

To RENEW or join as a NEW MEMBER, select either an online system or to print and mail a form:

  Online System
  PDF Form to Print

Join us in reviving and reliving the memories of the 1880's and 1890's - the great cycling era in America.  Wheelmen membership is open to everyone world wide whether you own an antique bicycle or just enjoy the early days of our history when cycling was being born.  Several membership types are available and all of our members enjoy the benefits listed below.
Send your completed form with your payment as indicated on the form. No Canadian or Foreign checks. U.S. Funds only.  Use check, postal money order or money order/bank draft drawn on a U.S. Bank.

 Issued 4 times per year, Wanted and For Sale advertising free to members and includes a wide range of current information such as short stories on meets, antique bicycle book reviews, schedule of events, state news, address changes and much more.

 Issued 2 times per year and includes research articles, stories, pictures (both past and present) that are invaluable to antique bicycle enthusiasts. Back issues are available for an extra cost.

 Contains valuable information on all aspects of the club such as advice on purchasing a high wheel bicycle, how to ride a high wheel, appropriate riding uniforms, and restoring old machines. New members receive a start-up bulletin packet. Additional bulletins are available to members for an extra cost.
  WHEELMEN LIBRARY  An extensive collection of antique bicycle catalogs and other publications - a necessary research tool for identifying and restoring bicycles to their authenticity. Photocopies of the publications can be obtained at an additional cost. Some of the catalogs include: Cleveland, Columbia, Coventry, Crescent Eagle, Gormully & Jeffrey, Lovell Diamond, New Mail, New Rapid, Orient, Pierce, Racycle, Rouse, Rudge, Schwinn, Spaulding, Stall, Star and Victor.

WHEELMEN MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY:   Printed every 2 years and includes a current listing of all members, including paid family members. This invaluable listing shows members by state and alphabetical, and includes email addresses.

WHEELMEN MEMBERSHIP CARD:   Each paid member is issued a membership card which shows member name, type of paid membership and member classification. The member classification is based on whether or not an official ride has been completed on a bicycle manufactured up to and including 1932.  An Associate classification means the member has not yet completed a tour.  A Voting member has completed an official 10-mile tour often called an Official High Wheel Tour (OHWT) or Official Antique Safety Tour (OAST), and a Century member has completed an official 100-mile ride.
  • Associate $30.00 - Receive 4 newsletters, 2 magazines, 1 membership directory, 1 membership card, and start up packet for new members.
  • Sustaining $40.00 - Receive 4 newsletters, 2 magazines, 1 membership directory, 1 membership card, start up packet for new membersThis elite membership provides additional revenue which is used to promote and continue the growth of our cycling heritage. 
  • Family $1.00 - Receive a membership card and name listed in the membership directory for each family membership which applies only to a spouse and children under 18 living in the household of a Regular or Sustaining member.
  • Don't miss this chance to be a part of cycling history
    and experience what riding was like at the turn of the century. 

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